A variety of activities are scheduled daily at Autumn Ridge because we understand how important regular social interaction is for the well-being of our residents.  Participating in activities helps our residents form new friendships, provides daily structure and allows for enjoyment every day.

We take weekly trips out to area restaurants for lunch, shop at local stores, attend services at St. Daniel’s Catholic Church and go on scenic drives.  Special trips to the movies, theater, zoo or other attractions are also scheduled.

 Resident favorites like bingo, fitness club, sing-a-longs, the weekly band performance, trivia and current events discussions, hangman, movie nights, rosary and communion, flower arranging and crafts are on the weekly schedule.

Memory care activities focus on cognitive stimulation, physical movement, fine motor skills and one-on-one social interaction. Residents also engage in life-skill activities such as folding laundry and setting the table.

You are sure to hear laughter during the activities at Autumn Ridge. We have fun and encourage our residents to have fun too.  It’s one important way that Autumn Ridge staff goes above and beyond to make our resident’s experience the best it can be.  Smiles, warm hugs, jokes and laughter make everyone’s day brighter.